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Si-G premieres at Cinekid Amsterdam

We’re proud to announce that ‘Si-G’ will premiere at one of the biggest festivals worldwide dedicated to children’s movies. We already had a couple of classes go wild at our secret screening in Ghent recently, follow the hype on Facebook:

Si-G | official facebook page

The 15′ version of the film has also been acquired by Dutch broadcaster EO-IKON for their ‘Mensjesrechten’ strand.

Contact Maarten Schmidt for sales inquiries:

Roland Gunst takes part in Afropolitan festival @ Bozar Brussels

The Afropolitan Festival is three days of exceptional programming dedicated to Afropolitan art, creativity and state of mind, presented by BOZAR and its partners.

Some thirty multidisciplinary events with over 70 artists and cultural players from Belgium, the two Congos, Ghana and Europe are articulated around three themes: the Belgian Congolese diaspora, Afropolitans of Europe, and bridges between Sub-Saharans and North Africans.

Together with Sibo Kanobana, Roland will present his  work on the history of the African presence in Europe seen from the history of Flanders. This history of Flanders is based on real facts as well as on fiction.

‘Coeurope’ by Giovanni Troilo to premiere at IDFA 2016 – Mid-length Competition

‘Coeurope’, co-produced by Maarten schmidt from Storyhouse, will have it’s premiere at IDFA 2016 in the Mid-Length Competition.

The film shows the dark heart of Charleroi, a city which struggles with it’s industrial legacy and it’s positioning in an European and international landscape.

A contemporary and artistic rendering of it’s inhabitants and city landscape show the reality in this city at the heart of Europe.

For screenings, check the IDFA schedule:


1-11 001

World Sales:

Francesco Tocci GA&A

‘Our City’ has been successfully launched at IDFA

The film ‘Our City’, directed by Maria Tarantino and developed together with Klaas Boelen and Maarten Schmidt, had its world premiere during the IDFA Amsterdam. Getting some good reviews and positive reactions, the international career of the film is definitely launched.

The film will premiere at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2015 in Brussels, and will be distributed in Brussels and Belgium in fall 2015.

The film is produced by Maarten Schmidt and Maria Tarantino for Wildundomesticated.

‘Dance with a Bullet’ received the Seen Film Editing Award at Ismailia

Only one day before the closing of the 17th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, the Ismailia Co-production Platform has closed its second edition on Saturday after declaring the films that won the prizes and funding grants out of ten documentary projects taking part in this round of the platform.

Thanks to Ismailia coproduction platform and Seen Films!